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Russ Nelson

@hntooter This opinion is pretty ignorant.

A democracy that is not in chains is one that is free to impose the will of the majority on the minority. That way lies Jim Crow.

So you can take your opposition to illegal immigration and stick it where the sun don't shine. You can complain about foreigners polluting American values (which I don't think happens -- I think that Americans are less appreciative and less defensive of our values), but consider how American values are "polluting" the bad values that the foreigners hold in their home countries.

By "eating separately" she means that men sit at the table while women huddle in a corner on the floor to eat.

A quote from my daughter's PhD thesis (a work in progress) "Maria says that many Guatemalans have also gone illegally to the US and seen how men and women eat together, and when they come back to Guatemala, they question the practice of eating separately: “But in my time it was a big sin."

@hntooter Damn those geothermal vents melting the ice from underneath!!

Nice little computer with a case, screen, and three buttons: plus you can put interesting hardware underneath it, in a stack. Just a bit expensive, but nonetheless interesting.

When you politicize money, you also monetize politics.

If you're worried about immigrants "taking our jobs", what about children growing up and "taking our jobs"? Seems like the same thing.

Leftists express skepticism about free markets, but they are the first to resist intrusion by bureaucrats into local farmers’ markets.

The most important safety equipment is your brain. If you leave that home, no TOLO, no hard hat, no vizzy vest, no steel-toed shoes, no gloves will protect you.

Too many people say "anarchy" when they mean "chaos". E.g. socialist Venezuela is descending into anarchy. No, it isn't. If it was, then people would be able to feed each other. No, it's descending into chaos.

Infrequently, wars are won. More often, they are lost less by one side than the other.

Went for a nice bike ride out Central Chapel Road, back on Chestnut, down Valley Road to Brooktondale, then back up Lounsberry Road to NY-79 and home.

This is the corner of the P&SB abutment on Piper Road in West Danbury. Amazing how perfect it is.