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Russ Nelson

There's a Marilyn Parkway in Monroe County, NY.

Code is a conversation, if only between you and you+6months.

Private sector unions negotiate with management over management's money. Public sector unions negotiate with politicians over YOUR money. And that, my friends, is why we must not allow the public sector to unionize.

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In its pursuit of justice for a segment of society, in disregard of the consequences for society as a whole, what is called "social justice" might more accurately be called anti-social justice, since what consistently gets ignored or dismissed are precisely the costs to society.

@adelheid They're switch heaters. They use them all the time. Somebody just discovered this and they're all a-flutter.

The great error of the modern socialists, like that of their predecessors, is to believe that poverty originates from capitalism.

Immigrants have always been scary. Even you Swedes and Germans. America has never been homogenous. The people who immigrated from the UK could easily be split into four incompatible groups with different beliefs.

The best way to win the War on Illegal Drugs is to make all drugs legal. The best way to stop illegal immigration is to make all immigration legal. The best way to stop mass shootings is to make all guns legal everywhere.

The problem is that people love their government when they should be loving their neighbors.

Nobody expects capitalism to be perfect except socialists. Unfortunately, they also expect socialism to be perfect, and it never is.

If you don't like America's immigrant culture, go back where your grandparents came from. America! Love it or leave it!

@hntooter This opinion is pretty ignorant.

A democracy that is not in chains is one that is free to impose the will of the majority on the minority. That way lies Jim Crow.

So you can take your opposition to illegal immigration and stick it where the sun don't shine. You can complain about foreigners polluting American values (which I don't think happens -- I think that Americans are less appreciative and less defensive of our values), but consider how American values are "polluting" the bad values that the foreigners hold in their home countries.

By "eating separately" she means that men sit at the table while women huddle in a corner on the floor to eat.

A quote from my daughter's PhD thesis (a work in progress) "Maria says that many Guatemalans have also gone illegally to the US and seen how men and women eat together, and when they come back to Guatemala, they question the practice of eating separately: “But in my time it was a big sin."

@hntooter Damn those geothermal vents melting the ice from underneath!!

Nice little computer with a case, screen, and three buttons: plus you can put interesting hardware underneath it, in a stack. Just a bit expensive, but nonetheless interesting.